Thursday, November 29, 2007

Herbes de Provence (Page 931)

  • Date: Thursday, November 29, 2007 -- 6pm
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Recipe Rating: A-

In all honesty, I picked this recipe because the start to finish time was listed at 5 minutes. I am a little crunched for time this week, and I am trying not to get behind in my project, so quickness is appreciated. This kind of recipe is impossible to grade. You crumble some dried spices (thyme, basil, savory, rosemary, marjoram, and bay leaf) and then stir them all together. And what you get is... well... dried spices stirred together! Perhaps the way to really grade this would be to spice rub a chicken with it, roast it off, and see how it tastes. But, as I said, I was crunched for time. So I infused a bit of olive oil with this spice mix, and then sopped it up with some crusty bread. It was good. I have the leftover herbes de provence carefully stored in my spice cupboard. Perhaps one of these days I will make some chicken with it, and if I no longer agree with my initial assessment that it tastes good, I'll let you know!

This recipe isn't online.

Most days I feel that my brain operates about the same as it does any other day. Or if it doesn't there is some obvious reason: lack of sleep, illness, etc... Occasionally though I have a day where my brain is full of marshmallow fluff for no apparent reason. Today was one of those days. I fought it all morning, diligently trying to internalize mathematics that is new to me. By this afternoon I had surrendered. So I spent the vast majority of the day dealing with various issues having to do with my students (students who want me to guess what they need to get on the final to get an A, students who want a grade of Incomplete rather than an F, students who want practice exams, and homework help, and my opinion about where to sell back their textbooks, etc...). Spending an entire afternoon dealing with these things isn't fun exactly, but it's a good use for a head full of marshmallow fluff. Even now, I am having trouble focusing on anything more challenging than the above. I managed to plan my class for the morning (in the loosest sense of the word "plan") and I packed for my trip to Alabama tomorrow. Then I drank a beer. That, as you might imagine, did not help the marshmallow fluff situation.

So now, at this late hour of 10:48pm, I think I shall go to sleep. I'm pretty sure I won't be getting anything productive done for the rest of the day, so I might as well get some rest! Hopefully tomorrow my head will be less fluffy.

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