Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Beets with Lime Butter (Page 523)

  • Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 - 8pm
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Kitchen: Emilee and Brian's Apartment
  • Fellow Chefs: Emilee and Brian
  • Dining Companions: Nathan, Anh, and Chris
  • Recipe Rating: A-

Emilee, Brian, and I picked this side dish to go with the main course Brian made last night. These beets were excellent. The flavor was fantastic, and grating the beets made this dish much quicker than most beet dishes. I increased the lime zest and juice, but everyone agreed the dish would have been still better with more lime. Overall this was a wonderful side dish: beautiful, tasty, and easy!

Brian was experimenting with developing a good tandoori trout recipe last night so a bunch of us gathered at Em and Brian's place to eat his first attempt. It was really very good! He spiced the fish beautifully, and then grilled them whole. It was very tasty, and a perfect meal for a warm summer evening!

I have decided that my dream vacation definitely includes a day at the spa. We had a spa day in Vegas, and it was so wonderful! The spa there was really fabulous: hot tub, dry sauna, steam room, etc... plus all the available services. There are few better ways to start the day than lounging in a hot tub with cold cucumber slices over your eyes! We had facials at the spa, which I had never done before. I knew I was going to enjoy the facial experience the moment I got in the bed they do your facial on and realized that the whole bed was heated! At one point, I was laying in the heated bed with my feet wrapped in hot towels, my hands in electric heating mitts, my face wrappped in a hot towel with only my nose poking out, and a steam machine blowing steam on me -- it was awesome!

Actually I had many enjoyably warm moments in Vegas. It was around 100-105 degrees while we were there, which is a little hot, even for me. But it was perfect for lounging by one of the 5 pools at our hotel. Even for walking around it wasn't so bad because the heat was really dry. A hundred and five in Vegas felt much more comfortable than 95 in South Carolina, where it is really humid.

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