Friday, June 16, 2006

Squash, Tomatoes, and Corn with Jack Cheese (Page 593)

  • Date: Thursday, June 15, 2006 - 8pm
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Kitchen: Chris' Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Chris
  • Dining Companions: Robert and Soren
  • Recipe Rating: B

So, as promised, I have returned to random number selection to pick some recipes while I am in California. An online random number generator picked this one. These vegetables were ok. The entire recipe is pretty much captured by the title: it is a few types of vegetables, cooked, with Monterey Jack cheese added. There wasn't anything bad about it, it just wasn't terribly interesting. We ate it as a side dish, but the recipe claims you could serve it as a vegetarian main course, which seems really strange to me. I think it's not substantial enough nor interesting enough to be served as a main course. It was a nice, simple, side dish though.

Robert and Soren came over for dinner last night. We were going around the table at the end of the meal offering grades for the recipes, and when I asked Soren what grades he would give them he said, "Well, if they were Stanford students, I would give them all A minuses." I thought that was pretty funny, although not really so helpful! This entire meal was just ok. Usually when I cook from The Book, there will be at least one component of the meal that is an A-range recipe. Not so in this case. I do feel a little bad having people over for dinner and serving them food that, according to my grading scheme, I wouldn't serve to guests! But there is no way to tell in advance. And since I have recommitted myself to the random number generator, I can't even only pick things that sound like they will be good. Well, if in a year no one wants to eat my dinners any more, I will know I have a problem. Until then, I will just hope that everyone has a good attitude about experimental food!

So the Hamburger Helper that was here in January is again in Chris' pantry, which means one of two things. Either he still hasn't made it, or he bought it again! I am hoping for the former. I promised to make it the last time I was here, to see what it tastes like, but I never did. This time I am really going to do it! I think it serves 4, so I'll invite Em and Brian over -- we can enjoy it together! Mmmm...


Mike Hill said...

Don't mock the Helper! That magical oven mitt is a GODSEND for those of us who aren't so skilled in the kitchen.

Chris said...

For the record, it is the original, never used Hamburger Helper, and there is proof in my freezer that I've been cooking --- vegetable puree soup, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and many such before those. Who, me, defensive?

Teena said...

It is true that there is evidence that Chris has been cooking. There was also produce in the vegetable drawer though that seemed as though it may have been there since my last visit... :)