Saturday, June 02, 2007

Foolproof Basmati Rice (Page 258)

  • Date: Thursday, May 24, 2007 -- 7pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: Matty's Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: B

I made this rice to go with dinner one night because it was the first recipe that I ran across for which Matt already had all the ingredients in his kitchen (it helped that there were only 2: rice and water). The entire time I was making this rice, I kept thinking, "Thank goodness Vero isn't here." Vero thinks the rice recipes in The Book are pretty ridiculous (see her mocking me here). This one would be especially easy to mock because, seriously, the only ingredients are rice and water. So what makes this recipe different from the directions that come on the bag? This rice is cooked in the microwave! I'm not positive, but I think this may be the first recipe I have made from The Book that calls for using the microwave. So this recipe (only very slightly paraphrased) is: put rice and water in microwave-safe dish. Microwave. Fluff with fork when done. Vero might argue that it's not really a recipe at all. That aside, this rice was fine. The recipe promised me "distinct yet fluffy" grains of rice. They were indeed distinct, but not so fluffy really. And a little too dry. It wasn't bad though, and it was incredibly easy.

My father is an engineer, and when I was young that was what I wanted to do too. As a child I asked my dad what kind of engineering had the most math in it. “Electrical,” he said. I asked him which college was the best for studying electrical engineering. “MIT,” he answered. And with that, my eight year-old vision of my life was set. I would go to MIT and become an electrical engineer. Over the years, my dream evolved slightly. As an undergraduate I chose Stanford instead. At age 17 it dawned on me that as the only thing that appealed to me about engineering was the math, it might be more efficient to just study math. Despite these minor adjustments, here I am, about to graduate from MIT. It makes me laugh to think that my crazy dream from almost 20 years ago is coming true. It's funny how that happens...


vero said...

I almost cried! This is too perfect. Water and rice!!! Frankly, I had to make sure you were not lying to us. But no! It's really in the book. Crazy.

A quote from the recipe :
"Here is our adaptation of Sahni's method." I love that they give a reference for this recipe. I'm not sure why they did not just quote the bag in which the rice is sold. :)

Am I really the only that gives you shit for calling these "recipes?" (Philippe does not count.)

Teena said...

Yes, you and Philippe really are the only ones who give me a hard time about this! Although, in this particular case, I must agree that it is a bit ridiculous to have this recipe in a cookbook.