Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Garlic Soup with Poached Eggs (Page 113)

  • Date: Sunday, May 27, 2007 --8pm
  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • Kitchen: Alex and Gunther's Apartment
  • Dining Companions: Alex, Gunther, Andreas, Katiri, and Jocelyn
  • Recipe Rating: B-

Andreas selected this recipe off the list generated by the random number generator. It was ok. To be fair, I was expecting it to be quite bad, and it was actually better than I had imagined. I couldn't get too excited about it though. As is often the case with quick soups, there wasn't a lot of depth of flavor to it. Perhaps if I had used homemade chicken stock rather than purchased chicken broth, that problem would have been slightly alleviated. Also, I am never a fan of soggy bread. Had the toasts been served alongside the soup, instead of in it, they would have been delicious. But after sitting in the broth, they lost the crispy texture that made them so wonderful. The poached eggs were surprisingly good in the soup. It's hard to poach eggs in broth though! As soon as I dropped them in to the pot I couldn't see them at all. It was guesswork to try and make sure they weren't on top of one another, and also to decide when they were done. The eggs came out nicely though, and added a lot to the dish. I wouldn't make this soup again, but I was happy to try it once.

My apologies for the long silence. It has been a very emotional week.

Things are calmer now. I am slowly becoming more and more able to think about Michael's death without crying. And I have graduated. My parents, Spencer, Matt, and Emilee all came to town to celebrate with me. Hooding was lovely, and then Richard and Anita hosted us all for a party at their house. It was really nice. I wasn't sure that having a party was a right thing to do, in light of the circumstances, but I think it was.

Now I am in Virginia for a couple weeks, relaxing and staying at Mike's apartment (although Mike, sadly, is in Boston). Matt and I drove down on Sunday. Last night I got the first long night of sleep I have had in many, many days. This morning I am feeling refreshed, and ready to go forward...

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