Thursday, June 21, 2007

Orange Buttercream (Page 746)

  • Date: Saturday, June 9, 2007 -- 4pm
  • Location: Soutboro, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companions: Matty, Matt, Vero, Emilee, Teri, Terry, Richard, Anita, Ephraim, Renato, Richard H, Alex, Glen, Chris, Danielle, Carol, Jessie, Victoria, Haynes, Angelica, Jack, etc...
  • Recipe Rating: C

I made the smaller of the two wedding cakes in The Book for my graduation party, and this was the frosting that went with the recipe. I love frosting. I particularly love mousseline buttercreams, so I was quite optimistic about this recipe. Much to my dismay though, this frosting was bad. The texture was lovely, as it always is in mousseline buttercream, so it was really the flavor that was the problem. Instead of tasting like orange (as you might have guessed from the name) this frosting tasted only of one thing: butter! Now, I like butter, but this frosting tasted just like whipped butter, which isn't particularly delicious on cake. It was especially frustrating because this recipe was seriously time-consuming. Mousseline buttercream takes a long time, and this one also had orange curd folded in. The orange curd tasted good before it was added to the frosting, but the orange flavor of it got lost behind all the butter in the final product. The cake that this frosting went with was excellent, but this frosting was really bad. In case you want to see for yourself, this frosting is essentially the same as the orange buttercream in this recipe. The only difference is that the one in The Book has the orange zest included in the orange curd (and then strained out) rather than added to the finished frosting.

Well, there is dried frosting adhered to my elbow, and dried cake batter on my shoulder and my cell phone. So all in all it was a successful day of baking. In my kitchen right now there are six cake layers (to be split in to 12), a huge vat of frosting, a tub of lemon soaking syrup, 4 jars of blackberry jam, 10 containers of fresh blackberries, and a tray of carefully piped frosting roses. So all I have left is assembling it all! That will be a job for tomorrow!

Looking at the picture above, I am remembering the good old days (i.e. 2 weeks ago) when I was making cakes of a size such that the frosting fit in to the bowl of my mixer. Not so today. The frosting had to be done in 3 batches. I optimistically tried to do the cake batter in only two. The stand mixer rebelled, spraying cake batter everywhere (hence the condition of my shoulder/cell phone). I showed it who was boss though, by using my hand mixer instead.

On the up side, at least the frosting I made today tasted good, unlike the stuff in the picture above!

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