Saturday, May 13, 2006

Challah French Toast with Berry Sauce (Page 650)

  • Date: Saturday, May 13, 2006 - 1pm
  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • Kitchen: Paul's Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Paul
  • Recipe Rating: A-

We picked this recipe because I haven't yet made much progress on the Breakfast and Brunch section of the book, so we thought we should choose something from that section. This french toast was quite good. My usual french toast recipe is just cooked on a griddle, but this one is started on a griddle and finished in the oven, which worked really well. The berry sauce was excellent. We used fresh blackberries and frozen raspberries and it came out great. We already have plans for the leftover sauce (in crepes, and on ice cream!). Paul and I both independently had the thought that this dish would be slightly better if the french toast batter had some vanilla in it. The dish was good though, and very quick. It would be perfect for last minute brunch guests.

This afternoon we painted Paul's bathroom. His ex-girlfriend painted the bathroom in his apartment blood red, and he needed to repaint it to white before he moved out. The guy at Home Depot insisted that one coat of primer would cover blood red paint. Not quite! But after a couple coats the bathroom looks SO much better. As I am writing this I am still covered in paint that won't come off. Here's a picture of Paul painting. I meant to take before and after pictures so everyone could appreciate the improvement, but I forgot the before picture. Whoops!

It's still raining here... Actually today it was pouring rain in a way that it very rarely does in Boston. If I had not had to go outside it would have been quite enjoyable!

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