Friday, May 26, 2006

Sweet Pastry Dough (Page 791)

  • Date: Thursday, May 25, 2006 - 8am
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companions: John, Dimitri, Cotton, Sophie, Vero, Tony, Omar, etc...
  • Recipe Rating: A-

Yesterday was jnkf's birthday and he had a few friends come over for dinner to celebrate. I made a tart to bring with me and this was the crust. It was quite good. I made the dough in the food processor, so it was very quick. This is a version of pate sucre, which is yummy but can be more of a pain to work with than a pate brisee tart crust. This rolled out pretty well though. The recipe suggested rolling it out between sheets of waxed paper, which I don't usually do. It was a good suggestion as it really kept the dough from sticking. Overall, it was a nice crust: it had a good flavor, and it remained crisp and flaky under the tart filling.

The semester is officially over now. I submitted the grades for my students a few days ago, and now I have no more commitments at MIT until the fall! Ok, that's not strictly true -- we have a summer seminar starting at the end of June, but that's only one hour per week. The department emptied out really quickly. A lot of people have already left to start their exciting summer plans. I decided just yesterday to go down to South Carolina on Sunday and spend a week at my parents' house. It should be fun! I haven't visited them there in a year and a half, since South Carolina isn't my favorite place. But, it is always very relaxing to go there since there is nothing to do! I usually get a lot of work done, and watch a lot of TV. They have a nice big kitchen, so hopefully I will also make good progress on my project while I am there. I am sure my parents will be happy to eat whatever I make from The Book.

This morning Elizabeth (the girl I tutor) and I started working on Multivariable Calculus. It's always exciting to start a new project with her! She also just got back from the National MathCounts competition, so I got to hear all about that.

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