Saturday, July 15, 2006

Coriander and Mustard Seed Chicken (Page 367)

  • Date: Thursday, July 13, 2006 - 8pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Mike
  • Dining Companions: Vigleik, Shihchi, and Marco
  • Recipe Rating: B+
Mike picked out this chicken dish for dinner last Thursday. It was pretty good. I was a little wary about the sauce, with whole mustard and coriander seeds in it, but actually the sauce was quite good. It had a nice flavor, and a rich, full texture. The meat came out very juicy and perfectly cooked. My only complaint is that I don't like to eat chicken with the skin on when the preparation of the chicken is by simmering. Although the chicken was browned first, the skin lost that crisy texture after cooking in the sauce. The skin was thus an unpleasant addition to the dish. Overall, though, this was quite an enjoyable preparation of chicken legs.

Hello from Germany! After many hours of travel on Saturday/Sunday I made it safely to Oberwolfach. The conference has been quite interesting so far. I am a pretty conspicuous addition though. Apparently I am the youngest person here. Of the 45 participants, Grace and I are the only graduate students, and 2 of only 4 women! That makes it hard to blend in of course!

As I think I mentioned earlier, they pick the talks day by day here. Last night at 9:30pm the organizers chose me to speak at 9:15 this morning. Needless to say, I didn't really sleep well last night! I was quite nervous. I had never spoken at a conference before (aside from Talbot, which I think doesn't really count). Plus, the vast majority of the people here are algebraic geometers, and hence might not be interested in the work that I do. Before I went to bed last night a fellow conference participant, who has been in the field for many more years than me, came up to me and said, "Teena, it's really important that you do a good job tomorrow. It will really determine the way that people think about you." That didn't exactly help my nerves! But actually, my talk this morning went really well! I just tried to be clear and have a good time, and I think it worked. More than a dozen people came up to me afterwards to tell me how much they liked it. I was really, really happy with how it went! We have this afternoon off, and I am taking the time to relax a little bit. I took a nice nap and I think I will go for a walk in town.

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