Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bacon-Wrapped Cornish Hens with Balsamic Glaze (Page 389)

  • Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2006 - 8pm
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Kitchen: Chris' Apartment
  • Sous Chef: Chris
  • Dining Companions: Emilee, Brian, and Soren
  • Recipe Rating: A-
These hens were really good! I frequently make split, roasted, Cornish hens, but it had never occured to me to wrap them in bacon. The bacon is a good addition! The raspberry balsamic glaze is also extremely tasty. The only complaint anyone had about this dish was that it was hard to extract the meat from the hen, but that is always true with Cornish hens. I would definitely make this one again -- it was easy but elegant, and very tasty.

I am really liking this project so far. For one thing, it is great to be forced to constantly make and eat new foods. Old recipes are like old friends: comforting. But sometimes it is nice to branch out and meet some new foods! Plus, everyone has been so great about eating my experimental food. Tonight's dinner was all pretty good, but I know that even if it had been terrible, Emilee, Brian, Soren, and Chris would still have had fun and been understanding. It's also nice because in this setting people feel more comfortable giving their honest impressions of the food. After we ate tonight we went around the table and criticized the food. That is something that would never happen at a regular dinner party! It's great though -- this way I can really expand my understanding of the way other people think of food. I can also learn from their palates in addition to my own! I appreciate so much that everyone is willing to approach my project with the same openness that I have and be honest about their impressions. It would not be nearly as fun if I had to eat everything alone!

I'm tired. I think I will write about the dessert tomorrow...

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Chris said...

The Cornish hens were extremely tasty. I was shocked that I liked them, because I have an aversion to balsamic vinegar, but there was no denying how good they were. And the bacon was such a delicious touch. (I ate the bacon off the remaining hens; I think Teena really appreciated that!) Teena failed to mention that the "glaze" was in no way a glaze, if you follow the recipe directions: even cooled a little bit it was a gooey mass and impossible to spread on the birds. Reheated, you could at least spatula the glaze onto the birds, but only in big globs on top---at that point we were a bit worried. But as we hoped, the glaze melted in the oven and could then be spread evenly.

Emilee and Brian arrived arguing about the 'lifeblood of the US economy'. They quickly snared Teena and me into the debate. By the time Soren arrived a few minutes later, we had already pondered the prospects for biofuel and moved onto heated remarks about social security reform and the State of the Union address. Soren stood by patiently until a pause afforded enough time for introductions. All in all this seemed like a perfect first impression of Em+Bri and set off an extremely entertaining evening. (Though I seem to recall it ending with Brian regaling us with certain unusual facts about bat anatomy, and Emilee promptly declaring it was time to go...) Who could ask for better friends?