Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Minestrone (Page 106)

  • Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 - 5pm
  • Location: North Conway, NH
  • Kitchen: The "Talbot" House Kitchen
  • Sous Chefs: Maia, Jacob, Veronique, and Vigleik
  • Dining Companions: Chris, John, Vero, Andre, Mike, and 17 other Mathematicians
  • Recipe Rating: C+

I picked this soup because it was easy to make it vegetarian and it sounded like a good post-skiing dish. It wasn't really very good though. As mentioned above, I did adjust the recipe slightly: omitting the pancetta, and using vegetable broth rather than chicken stock to make it so that the vegetarians could eat it too. For the tremendous amount of peeling, shredding, and chopping that Maia, Jacob, and Vero did to make it, I'm not sure the end result was worth it. It didn't taste bad, it just wasn't anything special. I did like the addition of the pureed beans though -- they gave it a nice texture. I wouldn't make this one again. In fact, I didn't even finish the bowl of it that I served myself with dinner! On the other hand, everyone else ate it, so it wasn't too terrible.

This afternoon I was making blueberry pudding cake for dessert and I needed 5 melted sticks of butter. I put the butter in a bowl in the microwave and kept cooking. An hour or so later my cakes were done and looked really beautiful. Several more hours passed and then Andrew came in to the kitchen to make a snack. He opened up the microwave and asked "Teena, can I move this bowl?" Apparently, I had forgotten the butter in the microwave! In other words, my beautiful cakes were butterless! Veronique and I tasted them and concluded that they weren't so good. After some frantic brainstorming, we decided we could try to fix it. We ended up quickly making some raspberry pastry cream, layering it with chunks of the cake and serving it with vanilla pastry cream on the side. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad at all. I was very grateful for Veronique's help and adventurous spirit in helping to fix my mistake! Tomorrow I will be more careful...

Here's a picture of the dinner table...

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