Thursday, February 02, 2006

Panzanella (Page 144)

  • Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2006 - 8pm
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Kitchen: Chris' Apartment
  • Sous Chef: Chris
  • Dining Companions: Emilee, Brian, and Soren
  • Recipe Rating: B-

I chose the whole meal for tonight, rather than picking randomly. This bread and tomato salad was met with mixed reviews. The flavor was very good - tomatoes, onions, basil, and cucumbers are always a good combination. It had some textural issues though. The idea is for the bread to absorb some of the dressing and tomato juices, which it did. The net reults of this: slightly soggy chunks of bread in the salad. Our little dinner party seemed to have mixed opinions about whether or not soggy bread was a good thing. Emilee and Soren really liked the salad, while Brian, Chris and I felt like maybe soggy bread wasn't a good addition to it!

We had a nice, casual dinner party tonight. Emilee and Brian came over (as usual) and Soren (an assistant prof from the department here) joined us! When Chris and I invited him we didn't warn him about the experimental food, but he didn't seem particularly bothered!

I had my last meeting with Gunnar today before I go back to Boston on Saturday. I had a very mathematically productive month here, which was really nice. Sometimes a change of scenery is really beneficial work-wise. Also, having different mathematicians to talk to and spend time with is great! I am getting excited about returning to the MIT math department though, and seeing everyone there that I haven't seen in more than 6 weeks! I have worked a lot this month so I think I may take tomorrow off and do something fun... Unfortunately, everyone I know here is really busy, so I don't know who I will do something fun with!

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