Saturday, February 11, 2006

Carrots Vichy (Page 528)

  • Date: Saturday, February 11, 2006 - 8:30pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Alex
  • Recipe Rating: B+

This one was also chosen with the random number generator. Before making this recipe I had a bad attitude about it for two reasons:

1. I love carrots, but I really only love them raw. Cooked carrots can be really squishy and gross.

2. This dish is a glazed carrots dish. I once lost a bet with Chris over glazed carrots. I no longer remember what the bet was about, or how the glazed carrots were involved. I do remember being wrong about something though, and I remember that glazed carrots were the example of why I was wrong.

These issues aside, this dish was really quite good. It was simple and comforting. The carrots were cooked through, but hadn't yet lost their integrity. The glaze was very light but added a nice touch. Overall, a good side dish.

I went to Whole Foods this morning to get things for dinner, and while I was there I was realizing how much I love going to the grocery store. It was really crowded with everyone stocking up before the snowstorm -- in fact the cashier told me that it was supposed to be her day off but she got called in because it was so busy. Apparently her manager claimed that it was busier there today than it was right before Christmas! Anyway, obviously just being surrounded by food appeals to me, but that's not my favorite thing about it. On weekend days, grocery stores are full of couples, spending time together and picking out food for the week. This morning Whole Foods was full of young couples that looked so happy. Watching them brought me so much joy! I love people-watching in the grocery store. I love seeing what people buy. I love speculating about what they are going make with the things in their cart! Really I just love the whole experience... which is good I guess because I think I end up at the grocery store way more often than most people -- especially with this new project!


Chris said...

I don't recall the precise terms of the bet, but I believe that I claimed that brown sugar glazed carrots were a more or less traditional American dish, and Teena claimed that no one in their right mind would ever sugar glaze a savory vegetable. It's nice of her to point out one of the rare moments I was right. I wonder if any of these recipes will prompt mention of George Washington Carver though ... =D

Teena said...

In my own defense, I don't think I ever would have made the above claim. For instance, yams are glazed all the time. But I do think the bet was something close to what Chris claimed. And don't worry, I'm sure I'll find a way to bring up George Washington Carver! I just need to make something with peanuts...

Anonymous said...

lovely story about the choosing of the carrots, the fight and all, but yet no actual mention of a reciepy, have i missed the point of the blog, or has teena?

Teena said...

This post was from 2006 when the format of the blog was a bit different. If you want to know about the recipe, it was very simple: I combined sliced carrots with butter, water, and sugar and cooked them covered over low heat until tender. Then I took off the lid and cooked the carrots longer until the carrots were glazed. I seasoned them with salt and served.