Saturday, February 25, 2006

Raspberry Sauce (Page 876)

I have no idea why that top part is underlined, but I find myself unable to fix it. Anyway, this sauce is excellent! I made it to go with dessert tomorrow night at Talbot (this workshop in New Hampshire I am going to), but Chris, Andre, and I sampled it tonight. The raspberry flavor is intense and the sauce is not too sweet. Plus, it is fabulously easy to make. I highly, highly recommend it!!!

Today I was not in a good mood. Actually this morning I was fine, but at some point I discovered something really upsetting -- my recipe file is missing! I have this file that I have been slowly building over the last 4 years. It has all my favorite recipes in it: recipes torn from magazines, saved from culinary school, given to me by friends, inherited from my family. It is a collection of all my favorites. And many, many of the recipes in there I do not have another copy of, nor would I know how to get my hands on one. I have no idea how I lost it. I brought it with me to California, and there is a chance I accidentally left it at Chris' place (hopefully this is what happened -- then I can get it back!). Or it's possible that the airport inspection people took it out of my luggage and forgot to put it back in... Those recipes are so much a part of me -- losing them really hit me hard. Plus, I am supposed to be cooking dinner for 23 people all this week - there were many recipes in my file that I was planning to make. I'm just sad. If it's really gone for good I will just slowly start rebuilding it when I get back from New Hampshire. I hate the idea of losing all those great recipes though - it's like losing very special memories.

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