Friday, October 20, 2006

Strawberry Shortcake (Page 813)

  • Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 - 9pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companions: Ana, Glen, Jessie, and Matt H
  • Recipe Rating: A
I picked this one for dessert last Wednesday because I LOVE strawberry shortcake. This recipe was excellent. When we were eating it, we all fell completely silent -- we were totally entranced by the dessert! The strawberries had just the right amount of sugar added to be delicious and dessert-like without being too sweet. And the whipped cream with sour cream and sugar whipped in was amazing! Add the yummy cream biscuits and it was perfect! Ana had never had strawberry shortcake before (apparently it's not a traditional Portuguese dish!). When I asked her what she thought, she said, "My stomach is so happy!"

Eating this reminded me so much of Emilee... In college, whenever the dining hall served strawberry shortcake Em and I would skip the rest of the meal and have a huge bowl of strawberry shortcake for dinner. Then we would go back in to the cafeteria, make ourselves each a second bowl, and stash them in the mini-fridge for later. Yum! I don't think I know anyone who loves and appreciates strawberries as much as Emilee does. We ate a lot of strawberries in college! It's funny to think about how much her taste in food has influenced the way I eat. People in the math department tease me about how I eat cottage cheese with my lunch almost every day. That habit came directly from Emilee! The best food that Emilee introduced me to though was the avocado. That's right: I had never had an avocado before I went to college. Shocking, I know.

Emilee would have really enjoyed this dessert. I may have to bend my no-repeating policy and make it for her the next time I am in California!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, bend the policy. What's the point of making all the recipes if you can't share favorite ones with friends?

Teena said...

That is true. Four years is a long time to wait to repeat the really good recipes! I almost caved last night and made the beef taco salad again. I think I only gave it a B+ the first time I made it, but I have been having such positive thoughts about it ever since. I really think it deserved at least an A-.

Anonymous said...

I must have missed that one. I'm a new reader, so I'll hae to go back and read it!

paul said...

Was this the taco salad on page 164? I've been thinking about remaking that one myself, it was very yummy. I have a feeling that I may have influenced the grade down a notch or two since it was my first Book experience and I was a little unsure about the scale.

So, is it too late to go back now and give it an A-?

Teena said...

Yeah, I think the grading of the taco salad was certainly affected by the fact that we were on one of our first few dates when we made it! I think I will leave it how it is though -- it seems like a dangerous thing to allow myself to go back and change the grades however I please!