Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sauteed Dessert Crepes (Page 791)

  • Date: Monday, November 27, 2006 -- 9pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Chris
  • Recipe Rating: B
I picked this one for dessert last week because it was quick, and it has Cognac in it so I didn't want to make it for Wednesday dinner (Ana is not a fan of Cognac). These crepes were pretty good. The flavor of the crepe batter was nice. The method of cooking them twice (first individually in a crepe pan and then all together in a large skillet) gave the final product a nice crispiness, and made the dish prettier than just individual crepes would have been. My only really complaint is that it was a little bland. The sugar on top helped a lot, but I prefer crepes to have something inside. With this method of cooking they would be hard to fill, and I think that is a downside. If the sugar and strawberries had been inside the individual crepes it would have been an improvement. As it was, there were many layers of crepe with some stuff on top. Crepe pastry is not a great one to layer -- it gets soggy and the thickness emphasizes the eggy taste of the batter. I still enjoyed eating it, but as Chris noted, it was "nothing special."

A couple of days ago one of the fourth year graduate students wrote on the chalkboard in the 4th floor common space, "We have to graduate in 3 semesters." I read it and instantly felt a little short of breath. Then I remembered I am graduating 1 semester from now. It really hasn't sunk in. I have a thesis defense date (did I mention that already?). I am defending on April 30th. Maybe it's not knowing where I will be next year, or maybe it's just denial, but I keep thinking that things will just go on the same as they have been. It's hard for me to imagine not living here. Matt and I were talking the other day, and he said, "Next year we should drive back to the Midwest for Christmas instead of flying." I instantly agreed that it was a great idea. It took me more than a minute to realize that I wouldn't be here next year at this time to drive with him.

The not-knowing where I will be next fall doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. But I think the only reason I'm not bothered is because I haven't actually internalized the fact that I won't be here.

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