Friday, December 08, 2006

Turkey Soup (Page 124)

  • Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2006 -- 8:30pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Fellow Chefs: Ana and Matty
  • Dining Companions: Andrew and Matt
  • Recipe Rating: B
I picked this recipe to go with dinner on Tuesday because I still had the turkey carcass from Thanksgiving in the freezer and I wanted to finally turn it in to some soup! This recipe was fine. People had a variety of complaints, many of which were the result of user error (READ: Teena error) rather than the recipe. For instance, it didn't go so well with the rest of the meal. I saw that comment coming, but I had made the turkey stock on Sunday and I wanted to use it as soon as possible. My other mistake (and this is pretty inexcusable) is that there was so much going on right before we ate that I forgot to re-season the soup. So of course it desperately needed salt. All that aside, it was pretty good. There was nothing exciting or different about it, but it was good cold weather chicken soup. Matty's comment: "I would like it better if I had a runny nose." He's right -- it's exactly what you would want to eat if it was cold outside and you didn't feel well.

Usually I am excited about going home to Wisconsin, and I am always excited about going to California. I am leaving for my month in Madison/Stanford in a week and a half though, and I just can't get excited about going. Partly it's that I feel very settled in to my life here right now, and I don't really want to leave. More than that though I am dreading all the questions about what I am doing next year, etc... When I am here everyone knows better than to ask any of the graduating people about job stuff. Everyone knows it's stressful. Everyone knows that it's better just to leave it alone. My family and friends outside of math ask a lot of questions though. And it's great that they care and are interested in my life. But honestly, until it's time to hear about jobs, I don't want to think about it.

When you see people you haven't seen in a while you have to answer a lot of questions: about your job, about your relationships, about everything. So many things in my life are hard to define right now that I don't know how to answer those kinds of questions...

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