Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ballymaloe Irish Stew (Page 507)

  • Date: Sunday, December 3, 2006 -- 5pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companion: Matty
  • Recipe Rating: C
Matt picked this one from a list of possible Sunday afternoon food options. I agreed that it sounded good, but it was not so tasty. In fact, I gave my serving to Matt and ate cereal instead. My major complaint: the flavor of the lamb totally dominated all other flavors in the dish. Lamb is strongly flavored, and while I like its flavor, in this preparation it was just overwhelming. I wanted to be able to enjoy the heartiness of the potatoes and carrots, but everything just tasted intensely of lamb. This had to do in part with the way the lamb fat was rendered and the vegetables cooked in it rather than in butter or oil. Matt's main complaint was that the lamb was too fatty. This is a pretty fatty cut of meat, and although I trimmed the chops extensively, there were still large pockets of fat in them. Neither of us understood why the meat was in such large chunks. You usually think of stew meat as being cut in 1 inch pieces, and that works brilliantly. The shoulder chops in this recipe were only halved, which made this stew require a fork and knife to eat. Overall this recipe was not a winner.

I am typing this on my brand new computer!! Yay! I bought a MacBook and it came yesterday. Very exciting. I didn't have much time to play with it yesterday (work, seminar, book club, some crisis prevention, etc...) so this evening I am having fun with my new toy. I installed all the tex/latex software, so now I can work on my thesis! The whole point of purchasing the new laptop was to have a not-extremely-heavy computer in this time period when I am doing both a lot of typing and a lot of traveling. I was nervous about buying a Mac, since I don't really know how to use one, but Aaron and Chris have both been graciously helping me out. I think the computer and I are bonding rapidly. I haven't named it yet though. My previous computer was named Madison. The one before that was Berkie. With this one I am just not sure... Suggestions? I very rarely make big purchases, but it is so fun having some new things once in a while!

Ok, I am going to return to my exploration of all the features of this thing...


Mike said...

Madison? Berkie? Wow. I'm not surprised I hadn't heard of these before. I say go with something like "Cambge", "Bossie" (for your home of late) or "Emayetee".

Teena said...

I don't know Mike... none of your suggestions inspired me!