Sunday, January 15, 2006

Chinese Beef Noodle Soup (Page 125)

  • Date: Sunday, January 15, 2006 - 6pm
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Kitchen: Emilee and Brian's Apartment
  • Dining Companions: Emilee and Brian
  • Recipe Rating: B

Mike picked the number for this one (more on that later). Like many things, this soup had both good and bad qualities. We all agreed on its finest quality: the beef was so fantastically tender that it just melted in your mouth -- the result of 2 hours of braising. We didn't quite agree on its bad qualities though. I thought the anise flavor was too intense, Emilee thought the cinnamon flavor was too intense, and Brian thought the onion flavor was too intense. At least we all agreed it wasn't perfect.

So last week I was asking people to pick some numbers for me, as I was running out of fun page number-generating ideas to chose recipes. Mike was kind enough to send me an email full of numbers that he likes, or thought would be fun. One of his suggestions was using powers of prime numbers. The funny thing is, he then proceeded to list out a whole bunch of them: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, ..... 3, 9, 27, 81, ..... and on and on! (Yes, Mike, I am making fun of you!) I am a mathematician after all -- I _probably_ could have figured them out on my own! Anyway, as you will note, 125 is a power of a prime (if you want Mike's list to check, let me know!), and that's how I ended up on this page.

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Mike Hill said...

Well. I apologize if I offended you. I didn't realize that you would be able to name the powers of primes beyond 169 off the top of your head, and I wanted to make it extra convenient for you. I'd forgotten that "Powers of Prime Numbers" was a topic on your qualifying exams. Mea culpa!