Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cauliflower with Ginger and Mustard Seeds (Page 531)

  • Date: Monday, August 14, 2006 - 8pm
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Kitchen: Emilee and Brian's Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Emilee
  • Dining Companion: Brian
  • Recipe Rating: B

Emilee and I picked this one to go with dinner on Monday because so many people in my life dislike cauliflower that I hadn't made a single cauliflower dish from The Book yet! Emilee and Brian love cauliflower like I do though, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity. This dish was pretty good. The ginger and mustard seeds gave it a lot of flavor, and the turmeric gave the cauliflower a lovely color. I think all of us enjoyed eating it, but at the same time, there wasn't anything terribly special about it. It was just a good, solid, cauliflower preparation.

Emilee, Brian, and I had Grace and Tigran over for dinner last night. The food wasn't great (more on that when I get to those recipes) but we had a really fun evening. Grace and Tigran were significantly more generous in their grading than me, Emilee, and Brian were. I think people need a few project meals to really get used to the grading standards! In any event, we had a nice time and we stayed up probably later than we should have! I was a little tired when I got on my flight back to Boston this morning. There was a couple sitting in the seats next to me, and I started chatting with them before take-off. When the woman found out I was a graduate student at MIT she said, "Oh, my brother teaches there, but you might not know him. He's in the math department." I said, "You know what, I bet I do know him!" It turns out she's the sister of a very well known math professor in my department. We had a fun chat -- her and her husband were great! Now I am back in my apartment, laying in bed, writing in my blog rather than unpacking! All is well with the world...

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