Monday, August 21, 2006

Old-Fashioned Potato Salad (Page 148)

  • Date: Sunday, August 20, 2006 - 6pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Dining Companions: Alex, Blair, Lindsay, Friedman, Shaili, etc...
  • Recipe Rating: B+

Alex had a barbeque last night and I picked this potato salad to bring because it seemed like the perfect stereotypical summer barbeque food! In general I am not really a fan of heavily mayonaise-based items. But for what it was, this potato salad was quite good. Several people at the party commented that they really liked it. When I asked Alex for his opinion though his response was, "Eh," so not everyone loved it! If I were going to make a classic potato salad again, this is certainly the recipe I would use. Adding the cider vinegar to the hot potatoes really gave the salad a great flavor. The onions, eggs, and celery were all very classic additions. It was a good side dish. It definitely had a charming midwestern family reunion feel to it!

Yesterday I went to the homeless shelter for my lunch shift, as I do every Sunday. At the end of the shift my friend Danielle turned to me and said, "Well, that was different." It was just a crazy week. For one thing, our shift manager Johnny was out because he was in a car accident on Saturday! I think he's ok, but nobody seemed to know much about it. Ruthie was there to run the shift though, so we had a leader! The meal was supposed to be catered, which means that some group of people cook the food and bring it in and we serve it. The group was supposed to arrive with the food at 11am so we could heat it and set up before serving at noon. At 11:30 they hadn't arrived. At 11:45 they still weren't there and weren't answering our calls, so we decided to make lunch! Everyone started running around trying to make lunch for 75 people in 15 minutes. At 11:55 half the caterers showed up with half the food. A little after noon the rest of the food arrived, so we had 2 full meals prepared! Sometime in this whole mess a woman with a young girl walked up to the counter where Danielle and I were serving fish chowder. She looked a little confused so I asked her if she wanted any soup. She said, "What?" So Danielle asked, "Did you want a bowl of soup?" Again, "What?" It went on like this for a minute before she gave us a really horrible look and stormed away. Then we realized, she was one of the caterers! Whoops! She was really insulted, and we felt really bad. But how were we to know!?! My goal for next week: try not to insult anyone!

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