Monday, August 07, 2006

Roasted Nectarines with Caramel Sauce (Page 807)

  • Date: Tuesday, August 1, 2006 - 9pm
  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • Kitchen: Peter's Apartment
  • Fellow Chefs: Ana, Craig, and Peter
  • Recipe Rating: B

Peter and I picked this one for dessert last week for the simple reason that it sounded good. This dessert wasn't bad, but none of us really loved it either. My major complaint was that it was just too sweet. The roasting really brought out the sweetness of the nectarines, and the caramel sauce was extremely sweet. Put together, it was a little cloying. The lemon juice didn't provide enough acidity to balance it out. All the flavors were good though, and I certainly ate it. I just wouldn't make it again.

I am sitting in front of my air conditioner, still sweaty from the gym, eating cottage cheese and Runts (not mixed together!) and I am just happy. Candy does make me happy, but I think it was actually the song on the radio that really made me smile. The radio station played one of my ex-boyfriend songs: a song that is so linked to my memories of an old relationship that I can't help but think of that person when I hear it. That kind of song always makes me smile. At the end of any relationship I buy the music that I most associate with that person. I think it's a lovely way to remember someone, and the time that you shared together. And strangely, those songs never make me sad, or upset, they just remind me of everything that was great about the relationship. When I listen to the music, I feel thankful for the memories. My first real boyfriend when I was 16 years old used to play Sarah McLachlon when we hung out. He and I are good friends still, and whenever I play my old Sarah McLachlon CDs I remember being 16 and stumbling my way through my first relationship. I think it's a good sign that I have so many positive memories of my old boyfriends...

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Paul said...

So I promised Teena that I would post some comments on her blog about any recipes that I made from The Book. Up to this point, most of the dishes I've made have been re-makes of the tastier things we made together (which, now that I live 2000 miles away, I am free to do! :)), so I didn't bother commenting about them. Last week, however, I broke new ground and made Scallops Provencale (page 319).

I chose this dish mainly because I was in the mood for seafood and it seemed like a quick dinner. Unfortunately, the dish was just ok. It reminded me a bit of the Scrod with Bacon and Sherry recipe in that it was just some seafood that happened to be placed near a collection of other stuff; the scallops really didn't take on any flavor other than scallop.

That said, I am sure that part of the reason this dish was a disappointment was because of my lack of cooking skills and sub-par equipment. The recipe called for a non-stick pan, and while I'm pretty sure that my pan was non-stick at one point, the scallops were very quick to latch on to it and not let go. So far I have really enjoyed Colorado, but I do miss being able to make use of Teena's cooking ability and well-stocked kitchen!