Friday, August 25, 2006

Mango-Spacho (Page 90)

  • Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 - 8pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Fellow Chefs: Marco and Chris
  • Dining Companion: Alex
  • Recipe Rating: A-

In truth, I picked this one because it involved a lot of chopping! When you have a lot of people cooking at once, it is good to have at least one recipe that involves extensive prep work -- keeps people busy! My helpers seemed deeply skeptical about this recipe though. Marco, in particular, seemed to find it a bit painful to add some of the ingredients to this soup! In the end, everyone was pleasantly surprised. All of us really enjoyed this dish a lot! It was refreshing and flavorful, and the wide variety of ingredients really came together well. The textural combination from the creaminess of the mango and crunchiness of the corn was lovely. Additionally, the chiles provided just the right amount of kick to keep it interesting. It was also colorful and quite visually appealing. It was a perfect cold soup for the summer.

I am in Southborough with Chris and his family for the weekend. So this morning I drove from Southborough to Concord, where I tutor on Friday mornings. I always find driving new routes to be a humbling experience. It seems so simple: you look up directions online, you write down said directions, you execute said directions. Yet somehow, if you're me, it rarely seems to go that smoothly. In the midst of a downpour this morning (heaven forbid it be sunny and clear when I am lost!) I was completely lost somewhere near Westborough. I know some people really hate to be lost. The being lost part of it doesn't bother me (I have had a lot of practice with it!). I just turn up the radio, and try to develop a strategy to reorient myself. More often than not that strategy involves finding some cross streets and calling someone with internet to Google map my location for me. I do hate to be late though, so in cases like this morning, when I am trying to reach my destination at a specific time, I find it a bit stressful. When I looked up the directions this morning to Concord, Google told me it would take 35 minutes. So I left Southborough an hour and ten minutes before I needed to be there, and I arrived three minutes early. If nothing else, at least I know myself (and my navigation limitations) well!

On the short list of things I would buy if I had unlimited money: a navigation system for my car!

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