Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fresh Corn Soup (Page 99)

  • Date: Monday, August 21, 2006 - 8pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: My Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Chris
  • Recipe Rating: B

The Book is divided into 21 sections, and I went through the other day and identified which sections I have made less than 10% of the recipes from. I am now trying to focus on those "problem sections." One of my slow sections is Soup, so Chris and I picked this recipe from that section to make with dinner last night. This soup was pretty good. We laughed when we read the ingredient list and discovered that this soup contains only corn, water, and salt! The soup had an excellent, sweet flavor from the corn though. I wasn't a huge fan of the texture. It had the texture you would expect from corn pureed in water. It was limp, and without a good mouthfeel. The flavor was strong though, so for a light soup it was still not bad.

So I admit, not only did I make macaroni and cheese from a box for dinner tonight, but I made 2 boxes of it, so as to have plenty of leftovers for lunches! So there I am, standing over the stove, dumping in the yummy cheese packets, when I notice (after dumping it in) that cheese packet number 2 has little specks of black in it. My first thought: bugs! But no, much less gross, but much stranger. It wasn't a packet of cheese! I never did figure out what it was a packet of. Something very oniony and herby. Some kind of soup mix maybe? The little specks were certainly dried herbs. Since I had already dumped it in, I just stirred the whole thing up: 2 boxes of macaroni shells, some butter, some milk, one cheese packet, and one packet of mystery soup mix. And then I ate it (well, not all of it...). Not surprisingly, I've had better dinners. But it wasn't terrible! My macaroni and cheese was even the Whole Foods brand stuff. I expect better quality control than that from Whole Foods! Maybe they would give me some free macaroni and cheese if I told them about it. I do love mac and cheese from a box! Does that make me gross?

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