Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mushroom, Radicchio, and Smoked Mozzarella Lasagne (Page 231)

  • Date: Thursday, July 5, 2007 -- 7pm
  • Location: Somerville, MA
  • Kitchen: Matty's Apartment
  • Fellow Chef: Matty
  • Dining Companions: Matt, Ricky, Jacob, Vero, Mike, and Grace
  • Recipe Rating: A-

I picked this recipe because Jacob came for dinner on Bad Movie night, so I needed something vegetarian. I had very, very, very low expectations for this dish. The last radicchio and smoked mozzarella dish was a disaster. Matt and I made this dish together, and the mushroom and radicchio sauce looked foul from the start. Even Matt, who is very open-minded about food, was scared. But in the end it came together beautifully. Mysteriously enough the bitterness of the radicchio all but disappeared. The mushrooms were flavorful without tasting like dirt (which is usually my main mushroom complaint). The smoked mozzarella gave the dish a bit of a kick, but the smoky flavor wasn't overwhelming. I did some strange multiplication to make a recipe big enough to serve all of us, and then I maybe didn't use quite as much pasta as I should have. So my version could have used more noodles, but that was not the fault of The Book. Mike complained about the kind of mushrooms I used (just regular old white button), noting that the dish didn't taste as expensive as it could have! But overall most people liked it, and I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it!

Here is the recipe.

There are six recipes in The Book that call for sour cherries. I have searched and searched for these mythical sour cherries. I have looked for them, both fresh and frozen, in every grocery store I have stepped foot in for months. Right now it's sour cherry season, but still no luck. Finally, I decided to give up and order them online. But online research only proved that they are harder to find than I had imagined. I am apparently not the first person to have had this problem. Much research though led me to a farm about 45 minutes north of Boston with pick-your-own sour cherries. So this morning Matt and I drove up there, nice and early, and picked cherries! It was completely delightful. They were incredibly picked over which meant that we ended up crawling into the very hard to reach places to pick. When we got there we asked for 4 quart containers, and the guy at the farm stand said, "It might be hard to pick that many -- we're almost out." We ended up picking 8 quarts though (9 and half pounds!), which is enough to do 5 of the 6 recipes in The Book. I made cherry soup tonight. Tomorrow I will pit and freeze the rest of the cherries for future projects. Picking fruit was SO much fun. I hadn't done that in a long time. It made me anxious for apple season!


Anonymous said...

Can you write the farm's name?

Teena said...

I wish I could remember it, but I can't! I tried to look for the website where I saw it listed last summer, but I can't find that either. Sorry to be so useless!